If you want to hike the Inca Trail in 2019 needs to book now!

Machu Picchu Inca trail permits 2019

Travellers planning to explore Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail next year are being urged to book their trip this week, or risk losing out due to a change in the way permits are distributed.

The number of visitors allowed to tackle the 4 day trek to the ancient citadel in Peru is limited to 500 per day, with permits bookable only through tour operators, and often sold out months in advance.

The annual permit quota is usually released in January, with travel agents scrambling to secure their clients’ places on a first-come-first-served basis. However, it has been revealed that the first 2019 permits will go on sale on August 2018, one month in advance, sparking concern that those unaware could be caught out.

Permits for May, June and July will be released on August 10 2018; March and April treks on August 09; August, September and November treks on August 11; and permits for the rest of the year on September 1st.

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All Inca Trail Tour operator will get the Inca Trail permits for the next year on August. If you want to book, I can recommend to contact with the best Inca Trail tour operator or you can visit the TripAdvisor and search the Inca Trail option. The other option you can visit the forum of the Lonely Planet.

On August 2017, the Inca Trail is sold out April. May, June, July

Although 500 permits are available for each day, around 300 of those are allocated to porters and guides. When booking, operators must provide the passport information of each client; permits are non-transferable and there is no waiting list.

“The Inca Trail is most popular hike of the world. Permits for May and June can sell out in the first 24 hours, and other dates sell out over the next few days and weeks.”

The city of Cusco is the starting point for most visits to Machu Picchu, we recommend to be in Cusco 2 or 1 day for the acclimatization,

When arrived to Cusco, I recommend to sleep two hours and you can try to drink the coca tea. Usually all hotel offer free.

The Inca Trail is not the only way to reach Machu Picchu, but is lauded as the most spectacular – approaching the Inca citadel from above, rather than via the main entrance favored by day trippers. The four-day, 27-mile trek reaches 13,800ft at its highest point, although the pace is steady, with stop-offs to explore lesser-known ruins and enjoy views of the Andes.

“The site at Machu Picchu is widely celebrated as one of the wonders of the world”.

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