Machu Picchu zipline

Machu Picchu Zipline: This zipline is located in Santa Teresa. Every adventurous traveler who hike the famous Salkantay Trek, is free to venture in this zipline. Now we will know more about this incredible Machu Picchu zipline. So let’s start:

What positions can I make?

Get ready for an extreme day with adrenaline hits where nature combines with adventure in the central mountain range of Cusco.

You will start the day with a safety chat to be aware of the safety standards of double cables, which make your experience exciting but safe.

To warm up, we walk to each of the eight platforms with zip-line in vertical position. When we have finished the first 4 platforms of the entire circuit. You will reach one of the highest and longest zip-lines in the world, 4700 feet long and horizontal.

Classic Style

If you want to lose the fear, as long as it is the first time you do canopy, the classic position is highly recommended. You must relax and enjoy the route.

Head down

This upside down position will give you the feeling of flying like Superman through the ravine on the other side of the canyon at speeds of up to 60 mph.

Monkey’s tail Style

Undoubtedly one of the most funny positions to do canopy, It consists of emulating that you hold as the tail of a monkey to the pulley. Sounds great!!

Condor Style

Stretch your arms and feel the wind through the best adventure in Machu Picchu.


Equipment for canopy:

  • Helmets: The use of this instrument is very important and mandatory. Its function is to protect the head of the canopy practician of any eventuality, blow and even to prevent the hair from becoming entangled with the pulleys.
  • Gloves: Protects hands from blows or cuts that may occur during the performance of the activity.
  • Pulleys: It is a mechanical device that serves to balance the necessary strength and the mobilization of weight will be easier and faster.
  • Harnesses: Essential equipment for personal use that holds our body. This serves as an anchor for the connection point (located at the rear of the harness) and the pulleys.
  • Lifelines: Very necessary tool in the safety chain. Its function is to connect the connection point of the harness to the pulley system. To be able to do canopy, you will have to use two lines of life for safety reasons. Both will have different sizes, one fixed and one that is adjustable according to the size of the traveler and can slide without any inconvenience.
  • Carabiners: Metal rings with a snap opening that serves as a connector with the lifelines. You can find stainless steel or aeronautical aluminum carabiners.
  • Windbreaker jacket: It is advisable to use them in windy seasons. It is very comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Using the windbreaker your body will not be exposed to external weather and will avoid being wet if you sweat, due to the waterproof material.

The canopy is one of the experiences that you should not miss while visiting Cusco. Sliding by steel ropes between the trees and crossing rivers or canyons and observing the landscape in its full magnitude make it one of the best adventures within your trip in the city of the Incas.